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Explore restaurants, Cinema,Theater and more


Top Listing

Explore restaurants, Cinema,Theater and more

How It Works

See How It Works

The below are things you can do with Ana Dalee

Find your favorite place

Discover & connect with great local store in your local neighborhood like Restaurant, Bakery,Fashion, Mall, Agency, hair stylists and more.

Hire Service provider

You can view service provider profile providing you with details about their biography & all their Service. Then, select the suitable one meeting your requirements.

Be Updated For Events

Get All That update for event. Make yourself ready for Festivals, Cinema Movie, Conferences, Sports Activities, Theater and more and get your Ticket.

Buy products Online

Easily you can buy food, shoes, Clothes, Toys Online from our huge multi vendors shop and pay as you like.

Make a Reservation

Easily setup an appointment withe a doctor or book a room in hotel or table in restaurant directly from the business listing page using our integrated booking options.

Review Your Visit place

Get valuable insights about listings or Services and tell other readers about your experiences by leaving reviews for businesses.


Upcomming Events

Discover how Ana Daleel can help you find everything you want.

Why Ana Daleel

Why Choose Ana Daleel

Start work with Ana Daleel and Increase your earnings Take the opportunity, join the Directory portal, add your company with ANA DALEEL profile in the list and promote your business with us. Fill your profile, add all important information and navigate people straight into your business.

Add or claim your listing & Build your online reputation

Upload photos, add helpful links to your website or to social media, set an address and hours of operation and other informations that you may find relevant. As a manager, you'll be able to make edits to your listing and keep information up-to-date to the minute.

Meet new customers & Get discovered by visitors

Upon confirmation, your listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested on similar places. A badge will be added to your listing to mark it as official. ANA DALEEL help People to decide where to stay, how to buy, what to do and where to eat.

Grow your revenue and increase your earning

Once discovered, customers will start coming to you! It’s your job from here to make them happy to leave positive reviews. That’s how Ana Daleel helps them make better spending decisions. With Our system. and more than 1000000 visits each day, it's huge advantages to promote your business to everyone in the world.
Yelp! iOS app, and Android app are Available Now!
We are lunched the Android and IOS app, you will be very happy . The most important thing: You can easily book appointment or reserve room, table and buy products online .

List Your Business With Ana Daleel

Get Business Exposure,Your business deserves efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.Try our service now .

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