The best 10 Restaurants in Qatar

The best 10 Restaurants in Qatar

If you are traveling to Qatar for your holidays or you are a resident of the region you may be interested to discover more about the eating experiences on offer. After all, there is a very strong range of cuisine types on offer with some impeccable restaurants serving them. Here we are going to look at 10 stands out restaurants in Qatar.

  1. Opal by Gordon Ramsay at The St. Regis Doha

Located at Al Gassar Resort West Bay, Doha Qatar this restaurant serves international, European, Sushi, Vegetarian and Vegan options. The Opal is a great example of what the famed chef Gordon Ramsay has to offer, with his high-quality menu, served up in a relaxed eating environment. There is the chance to dine al fresco on the establishment’s terrace too. This is a restaurant that is often quoted as one of the best in Qatar and public reaction has been very positive. You may want to sample some gourmet pizza or perhaps the Opal Wagyu burger, a popular highlight. This is a menu made up of classic food, heightened to a premium level. To round off your food there is a Sommeller’s selection which features the largest selection of wines in Doha.

  • Al Nafourah Garden

Serving up a mix of Lebanese and Mediterranean food, as well as local cuisine, Middle Eastern and Barbecue, the Al Nafourah Garden is another strong favourite to all who dine here. On the menu, you can delight in a range of Mezza options, barbequed foods, shawarma and some lovely flavoured shishas, which all can be washed down with a variety of cocktails from the bar. Not just a winner because of its food though, the Al Nafourah Garden is a beautiful eating area, with lovely features such as a fountain display.

  • Stock Burger Co.

Sometimes there is nothing like a good burger. But there is a good burger and there is a Stock Burger! You will find this burger place located at the Holiday Inn-The Business Park. Now, this is an American style burger bar (with pub) but they do cater for vegans and those eating Gluten Free. As well as the expected speciality burgers, the eating experience here can also include flatbreads, salads…and a wide selection of beers! But it is not just the food and attractive casual styled eating room that has led to the appeal for Stock Burger Co. Customers are very impressed with the super helpful and friendly staff, too and they receive a lot of high praise.

  • W Cafe

To be found at the W Doha Hotel & Residences, W Cafe is a Vegetarian-friendly European based cafe. Rather than visiting for large meals, this is the option of you fancy a light bite or two, with a nice serving or tea or coffee. Having said that, on the menu are classic breakfast dishes, soups and burgers. But the W Cafe specialises in baked goods which include cupcakes, croissants and a variety of other beautifully delivered treats. Many people also recommend their chocolate truffles, too. 

  • Seasonal Tastes Doha

Experience another high-quality dining experience with this restaurant, located at Salwa Road, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Zone 23. Keeping things local with the use of the freshest ingredients this is a family-friendly restaurant that is brimming with great dishes. It is well known for its excellence in customer service and the menu has some real crowd-pleasers including great seafood, buffet options, brunch including super omelettes, cake and a strong cheese selection. They offer a great range of food and once again servers receive very high-quality feedback

  • Rodizio- The Brazillian Churrascaria

To be found at the Crowne Plazza Doha (The Business Park), The Brazillian Churrascaria impresses with its barbecue options. The meat is prepared on love open flame grills and served to the table on skewers, with a large variety of meats and seafood to choose from. Customers comment that the meat used is of good cuts, well prepared and served. Meat types include steaks, chicken and lamb. There is also a salad bar awaiting your use too. You can enjoy your food whilst listing to a live band, adding to the atmosphere nicely.

  • C.mondo

This is a popular hotel bar which is known for its good food and good drinks. The place is designed with comfort in mind, creating a calm setting ideal for friends or family gatherings. You could visit for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Now, C.mondo is not full of main menu meals to choose from, it is more a place where you can go to unwind with tea or coffee, or perhaps a cocktail, and a choice of simple food tidbits., cooked very well. For this more casual dining experience, you can find beef sliders, battered fish fingers or spicy chicken tender. If you visit you will find out why it is such a popular establishment. You can find C.mondo at Al Jazeera street.

  • Meesh Cafe

Say you find yourself looking for a cafe that you can just dive right into some already prepared (but freshly made) foodstuffs. Meesh Cafe is at Crowne Plaza Doha, you have freshly made sandwhiches to indulge in, which the hardworking staff have down to a tee, great cakes, winning breakfast options and Raw cold-pressed juices which are sure to give you a pleasant boost. The breakfast options are award-wining, Meesh Cafe won the Favourite Breakfast Resturant in Doha 2019 title.

  • Lounge & Restaurant at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

Here is a restaurant situated in the perfect scenic spot, with beautiful outdoor pool spots, and a terrace to eat out on, as well as lovely eating in sections too, To be found at the Banana Island Resort, serving cuisine that includes seafood, international, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Indian and Asian. Now you have a variety to choose from with so many different cuisines, and it is all cooked so very well. It is also a family-friendly restaurant and they put on some top events such as BBQ by the poolside on Fridays.

  1. Applebee’s City Center Doha

You could go up to Conference Center Street for one of the most highly reviewed steakhouses in Qatar. One of the big recommendations is the ribs, which many happy diners report as being perfectly cooked and tasting so good. They do burgers and seafood including scallops, plus they have buffet options should you have a fuller table to share with.

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